CT (4th November 1994 / Stoke Mandeville)

'Hard' Choice Between You And Them

You walk in as red as fire,
I know why, but too polite I ask.
You dont talk to me,
But are quite happy arguing with my friends.

She's sitting next to me,
You tell her to move.
She tries to defend herself,
But against you, whats the point? ! !

She gets up, upset and angry,
And walks to someone else.
Im left alone, working with a monster,
Crushed inside, I tried to hide.

You got what you wanted,
You got me all to yourself.
Yet still your silent, With a face of pure fire.

I ask whats wrong, with no reply,
I get up and move to my friends over there,
Your angry and moody, so you cant blame me,
I am happy now, but not because of you.

You get upset, tell people lies,
'Its all there fault' I hear you moan.
I get angry but try to calm myself,
My mind is burned in the flames of anger now.

I am waiting for you to cry,
But instead you pretend to be strong.
Everyone thinks 'Oh, Poor You! ',
We think 'What a lieing loner'.

I am happy with these friends,
They treat me with respect.
They are funny and giggley,
Just like me!

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who is this about catherine? tell me! is t me? ? love u loads xox