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Hard Choice
FO ( / Africa)

Hard Choice

Poem By Felix Opaleye

The whispering in the air is a dead silence, the choice we make today may take us to Where we don't want to be tomorrow. There's always a choice to make, either to walk in the path of righteousness or to mingle with fallen angels.

The ball is in your court, and it's wise to make deal with light and ignore darkness. Avoid the double face trap of life, remain focus on your to freedom and breakthrough. You can't serve two master at a time, let loyalty be your watch word.

Pray before making your decision and choice, consider all possibilities and the outcome of your action. What seem right to man may surely lead him to his early grave. Live a life worth living, embrace all the pains of wrong choice of the past and learn from it.

Walk with the wise ones and meditate about wisdom always, be conscious of your thoughts; don't allow evil desires to crawl into your world. Make the right choice today and you will surely be where you want to be tomorrow.

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