(July 19 1983 / )

Hard Days Without You

These are such hard days without my sweet love.
The hardest ever oh my one as I spend now
endless time in bed missing you so bad
and wish you were here within my arms,
longing to snuggle and so tightly cuddle
as I say sweet sweet Kira I so deeply love you
and want to be with you forever and ever.
I miss you babe and lay here somber
just trying not to go mad from sadness
in the hardest days without my Angel.

I know our day will come but this time alone
is so very painful and very hard when all I want
is to be with you and talk along,
it is so hard when all I want is my only one
to hold so close and kiss so sweet.
I miss you babe and love you deep
and want you to know you truly are my everything.
I love you dear and always will,
I'm struggling so very hard without you here
to give my smile and all my time as we share
everything we love and need within this world.

Kira these truly are the hardest days
without you here to hold right next to me.
Yes I feel you in spirit babe but I want you
here in person to look at me as we touch
and both say I truly love you more than anything,
these are such hard days being without you babe.
So as I just lay down again remember that
I'm never leaving you and will forever
be right here for you no matter what no matter when.
I love you so very much and eagerly wait your return.
I know you love me just as much and I know
you are hurting on the same scale.
Never forget that I'm yours alone and my arms
are around you wherever you may go.

by Michael P. McParland

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