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Hard Life

The day beginss get smacked in the face but just stand there and say wait
get sent to the pricinpless office and say what youhh qotta say thenn headd homee.
youhh walk and walkk dont knoee wheree youhh headed. think and thinkk but wait youhh too hard-headed.
wastinqq myy lifee in thiss drivee byy. hoping somebody comess and savess mee.
that a normal day too mee believee itt orr not. too youhh thiss iss crazy but to mee thiss iss what ii call lifee.
ii usedd to be weakk but knoee imm strong.
ii used too caree about what otherr peoplee said boutt mee.
butt ii dontt caree anymoree.
ii am whoo ii amm. want it or not.
ivee learned about all thiss iss one sayinqq never say never thatss what ivee been told neverr backk downn and never shed a tear. anotherr thinqq iss whenn youhh find something neverr let it goo. neverr showw weakness evenn if youhh inn an act or a showw.

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