Dumb Intimacy

In your presence I am silent
And in my presence you are.
Between us silence is comfortable.
Is not it itself a proof
That we are bound by affinity.
I am man and you, a woman.
Is not that itself a proof
That it is more than affinity.
Let us not reveal what it means,
To spare us of that embarrassment.
Let us be dumbly intimate.
That intimacy is more sounding;
That silence is more sounding.1

by Rm.Shanmugam Chettiar.

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I really like these poems
i am very happ to read your poem.thanks for shairing...10++++
Awesome poem all of us has a hard luck like everyday in our life, but, the truth is hard luck spares no one, there is no need to quit for something that has gone against our plan and wish.
.........an excellent write....and beautifully said, everyone has hard luck at some time in life ★