Hard Road Of Loneliness

This path in the dark forrest remains one way
All the horror lives behind these very rocks right here
I'm too tired to be afraid, and i have lost so big mount of my will to live
I can only smile to the face of death and taste the end
Stumbling this hard road of loneliness...
With shattered remains of my crying heart
In the unsafe forrest of horrors
I can't say i'm sad, because i don't think i am
I know i'm not happy, but is there something in between there
Howling wolfs and bleeding crows kiss me to sleep
Tuck me in and hear my cries
I have left my will to live in the hands of fate
Maybe i one day taste the death of sorrow
Just maybe one day i'll find my way through this dark forrest
Maybe, just maybe i'll see you in the end of this path...
Waiting with open arms to welcome me back home.

by Sammy's Notes

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