Hard To Be Me

Hiding behind a plastic smile
A girl that is hurt and sad.
Being called names and blowing it off,
Only for a while.

People don't understand how much they hurt me.
To be called fat and ugly! ! !
I try to hide it, but really I'm hurt.
If only they could see....
How hard it is to be me.

If onle they KNEW! ! ! !
How I cope with what they do.
I'm about rady to explode.
What the hell is wrong with me?

Am I different?
Ineed to understand.
Why do people not like me?
If only they could see...
How hard it is to be me.

by Ashley Z.

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You know.. your poem is so touching and I liked it a lot. Nice writing ;) AA
wow...i like this...i have a poem kinda like this...its called 'you think im perfect! ? ! '