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Hard To Bear 2010
IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

Hard To Bear 2010

Like spectres in the gathering gloom.
White lilac trees are in full bloom
and fill the air with sweet perfume
The perfume that you used to wear.

When first I set my eyes on you
I knew you were my dream come true
Quite certain no one else would do.
We were destined to be a pair.

You smiled at me and then I knew
my darling that you felt it too
For once Dan Cupids aim was true
he hit his targets fair and square.

Two separate hearts now beat as one.
We both knew that we’d undergone
a sudden transformation
And so began our love affair.

We had been wed for forty year.
Known happiness beyond compare.
But death took you left me to bear.
My grief alone. Life is unfair.

Like spectres still white lilac trees
their perfume carried on the breeze.
Refreshing my fond memories
of perfume that you used to wear.

Although I know it can’t be true.
I sometimes sure I can see you.
Smiling at me as you used to do.
But as I watch you disappear.

An old mans foolish fantasies.
Or do you really visit me?
Do I see what I want to see?
‘Cos I won’t face reality.

I know your watching over me
I feel your presence frequently.
Let other people disagree.
they think I’m mad but I don’t care.

Wednesday,28 July 2010
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