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Hard To Bear. For M 'Lady Tara
IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

Hard To Bear. For M 'Lady Tara

Moonlight on the water glimmers.
Highlighting the naked swimmers.
skinny dippers, just having fun
They do no harm to anyone..

It isn’t right the whingers cry,
who happen to be passing by.
It’s rude, it’s lewd, lascivious.
Perhaps because they’re envious.

They’d like to join in but don’t dare
display themselves completely bare.
Which probably is just as well
because as near as I can tell.

They’d add no beauty to the scene.
They’re grossly overweight: Obscene.
I have a different attitude
though I am old I am no prude.

If I was younger I would be
amongst them playing happily.
I used to enjoy swimming nude
I really wish that I still could.

Old age and disability
effectively preventing me
I cannot do what I used to do.
Though I can still enjoy the view.


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smile...it sounds excellent. Maybe I'll try it sometime when summer comes up