Hard To Believe I Still Want You

I can’t close my eyes tautly at night to sleep
I fear it’s your pretty face that I might see
Memories of you and I still stinging like a bee
At our promises of love that we couldn't keep

Your name still resounds through the distance
Although we’re separated and living miles apart
Thoughts of you still hits back at my poor heart
Making me beg for one last chance and dance

I can’t breathe easy nor inhale the morning’s air
I fear it’s your raspberry that I might perceive
That smell of you gives an ache I can’t believe
Because I can’t kiss your lips nor smell your hair

Your picture is still hung on the walls of my heart
Although its frames and glasses are broken in two
No other thing ever counts or matters if it’s not you
And even if my heart is pierced, it’ll always love you

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