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Hard To Find

If only I were as lucky as my father
When he took my mother home as his bride
They were joined to each other, their life together
Then my parents became one, side by side,
But since then I myself have met many women
Some were uncaring and some were very unkind
Many just cared for themselves, and no-one else
Then I found out that a good woman, is hard to find.

I have seen women standing on the corner
And I have seen them clubbing or shopping in a store
I have seen them as objects, not for love but only sex
Those types of women, I don't want anymore,
Truly I have looked and I have searched
Around our world and also inside of my mind
But now I have nearly given up, on loves cup
As a good woman, is so hard to find.

I have seen mothers with their daughters
Some mothers teach to lie, cheat, and betray
That is how they were raised, and was also praised
And when life gets tough they don't walk, they runaway,
When I get older I most likely will be all alone
With honesty and pride, in my soul it will be lined
But I would give what I own, if true love to me was shown
But then sadly, a good woman is hard to find.

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