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Hard To Let Go
RW (03/18/89 / Chicago, IL)

Hard To Let Go

It's hard to let you go
But it's something I have to do
Just because I'm doing this doesn't mean I don't love you
I'll still be there for you
Your not alone
I hope you can understand
That this is hard for me to
I never thought I would be the one to give up and let go
I never trusted anyone until I met you
You stole my heart
A dream come true
Then one day you took it all away
You knew you were wrong
You didn't have to
Now we must go our separate ways
I'm sorry we wasted each others time
It' didn't have to end this way
Why did you mess up
Everything was fine
The truth is that I love you
I don't want to leave
I don't want to go
But theres comes a time when one must flee
And one must fight
But I can't take it anymore
So good bye

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