Hard To Understand

Hard to understand
(ode to my cat Louie)

it makes me think
of deep inside
where my heart lies

it makes me think of louie
it's hard to understand you're gone
it's hard to understand, oh why so hard?

you used to cuddle with me as if i were your teddy bear
but now you cuddle no more
you lie in a puddle of tears

it's hard to understand

(Daisy, March 2005, age 11)

by Philippa Lane

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Comments (3)

fine poem! a 10+ from me......thanks
This such a good poem, Daisy. I have to say, it brought tears to my eyes reading it...I especially like the first stanza, the way you begin it with 'Red' is startlingly effective...A little history for you, a Greek poet, Pindar, established the prototype for an ode a long time ago. There are various forms of it. Yours is more like an English ode. I know you poured your heart out with this poem. Keep them coming!
brought a tear to my eye too.