(I'm not sure when I lived / Indiana)


Sentimental soul?
when I'm alone, you bet
out there in the world

I'm as hardcore as you get
Leather and steel form
my outer sheen

titanium smile
if you know what I mean
none but the brave approach

this specter
I could intimidate
Hannibal Lechter

which is fine by me
because it saves time
separating the wheat from the chaff

and those that do find the nerve
to scratch the surface
are suprised to find

a sentient being
with presence of mind
But most are small minded bigots

whose understanding of life
comes from the noise on their TV sets
they get drunk every Saturday night

in church pews Sunday morning
with their hangover plight,
Me, I prefer to be 100% real

scary to some
but I always know how and why I feel.

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