WM (March 5,1962 / Kinston, Jamaica, West Indies)

A Mother's Final Goodbye

It happens to all, in this life we lead,
When someone we love and care for, goes to seed.
They suffer in agony sometimes for years,
And you see it all through bitter tears.
And it overwhelms you, with a grief so deep,
As death forward, inevitably creeps.
And then one morning her eyes sparkle again,
There is no more sorrow, there is no more pain.
She sits up in bed, her face seems to beam,
And you wonder to yourself, if this is a dream.
You bring her her breakfast, and her voice is so sweet,
And you marvel to yourself, at this marvelous feat.
But, it doesn't last long, it never does,
God wants you to remember just how she was.
For this was her final goodbye you see,
With human beings that's how it must be.

12/28/11 Alton Texas

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