Hardest Thing To Say 'Good-Bye'

Poem By chelsi Ruffing

Walking down this road again
Never knowing when it will end
Just passing people by
Never stopping to say hi
Getting away from the pain
When it starts to rain
I just keep going I'm tired having to hide
My life's has always been an up and down ride
Someday people will see
Of what they did to you and me
Until that day comes
I will keep the memories of fun
I stand there turning just to look back
I can't see a thing it's all black
I know what I'm doing is right
I won't give up on this fight
Happy to almost be free
The light I can almost see
As i reach my hand to tough it
I can feel it lift up my spirit
I feel like I'm flying
I look down below I see all them crying
You walk to my room to find
papers all lined
As you push past the door
To see my lifeless body on the floor
Tears roll down your face
Living life was never a race
You hold my cold hand
besides you I land
As I put my hand upon you
Letting you know this is something I had to do
As a tear falls from my face hits the ground
A tiny note in my hand is what you found
opening it for all to read
Hoping they will feel bad for their greed
As long as we always cared
Don't forget the new things we shared
Now my room is empty
All that's left is that memory
I'll always be right here
Even though it doesn't seem fair
A memory is what I will give
Because in your heart I will always live
This isn't a goodbye forever
One day we will be together
Don't give up on what you believe in
In the end you will be forgiven
Look up at the stars at night
Hold on to our memories tight
I'll always be watching over you
As like so many others do to
A week passes by
Everyday I can see you cry
In your hand I put a gift
I can feel my self start to drift
As you look up to see me standing there
You know I'll always care
A tear falls from my face to land
Right there in the Palm of your hand
I look right in your eyes and say
I love you but I have to go so for now 'goodbye'

Comments about Hardest Thing To Say 'Good-Bye'

WOW! Wat a poem.Excellent work. Ashish.
I love this poem. It beings up alot of emotion for me. Great job
I give you a 10. This is written well. It's a fantastic poem. You did a great job. Excellent job.*Sierra*

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