"Hardship", What Does It Mean?

Coming across hard times?
Having bad luck?
What does this word "Hardship" mean?
I had experience hard times, and had some bad luck,
Still I say to myself, is this "Hardship".
Being a single mom
Trying to make it along
Trying to live life
At a moderate tone.
But still things are so hard at times
Can this word "Hardship", just be something I have stuck in my mind.
Some say life is headache and somedays its not.
Some say we live in a place where people are mix with good and evil.
We as a society, face many problems and many solutions:
One must first face reality
One must first have faith in Jesus Christ.
For he has the answer to all our problems.
So, what does the word "Hardship" means?
To have faith, belief in oneself, and always strive for excellence!

by Andreal Petric Huffman


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