(harichandran) 06 Lord Indran’s Court

The Heavenly Amaravati
Is the Lord Indran’s City,
That was ruled by him,
For a very long time.

He was the Chief Lord,
Of all the Junior Lords,
Who controlled earth, moon, sun,
Space, air, fire, rain and so on.

His court was busy ever.
Reports from far and near
Came to him thro’ his juniors
For his review and orders.

To cheer up Lord Indran
And his courtiers often
The celestial dancers danced
O’er the music that flowed.

A Mini-Heaven it was,
Where top-rank dancers
Like Rambha, Urvasi,
Menaka danced busily.

In his magnificent throne
Was seated Lord Indran
With Indrani, his consort,
And he reviewed every report.

Many Sages were seated.
Discussions went on heated.
Among them was Sage Vashista,
Besides the Sage Viswamithra.

Indran asked, “Which king
Among all kings was ruling
With justice and fair play
In the world of today? ”

Vashista replied, “Harichandran
King of Ayodhya is the one
The best among all of them
For his justice and wisdom.”

Viswamithra said, “Harichandran
Is a liar, a thief, a cunning man.
He goes after others’ wives,
How do you say, the best king he’s? ”

Vashista said, “You’re a liar.
Your words are too unfair.
For this, your tongue will burn
To condemn such an honest man.”

Viswamithra replied, “A liar,
Not me, but you are.
It’s your tongue that’ll burn,
When you praise a bad man.”

Indran pacified them both.
He pulled them from wrath.
To prove who was correct
He asked them for a bet.

Vashista said, “All my penance
I’ll give up completely if once
It’s proved that I’m a liar,
And will do penance never.”

Viswamithra said, “I’ll forego
Half of my penance, if it’s so
Proved by him that I’m a liar.”
His words burst out like fire.

The court came to an end.
To their places, all dispersed.
Thus the period of trial began
For the poor Harichandran.

by Rajaram Ramachandran

Comments (6)

What did he do wrong?
Yes Sir! To rule his people honestly was his wrong for which King Harischandra was being tried. Even Devathas are cruel sometimes. Well narrated.
A typical court scene at Alakapuri...a beautiful RR painting of a Hindu Mythological page...praising a vice and cursing a virtue - both are equally sinful...the poem brings out this truth impressively through the conversation of the two saints...A great literary work marching ahead...10/10
Simple, readable English verses. Understanble to readers of all ages and walks in life. The art of simplicity is yours. A fine write, as always. Your friend, Sandra
Splendid penning, indeed....Tight, short cropt lines make this a delightfully smooth read. Rock Solid... ~ FjR ` ..08-08..
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