Hark, It's Green!

Few evenings before
It's all dry branches
I even counted them
As a doctor while reading an x-ray
The koel too settled uneasily on them
The next morning
I could recognize though hazily
Small dots of green
The koel pecking at
Lo, the following morning
The denuded tree
Through my window
Turned green overnight!
What more,
It now also has a sack of honey bees
Securely clinging to it
The incessant cooing
Lightening the drab campus
And filling my ears
Now, today when my inadvertent eyes
Lifted up, they felt confused
As if looking at a queer object

The alphabet is too inadequate
To paint that unique green
In richness of its colour!

There, do you hear
The merry cooing, my friend…?

by indira babbellapati

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The advent of spring... the process of transformation..the ever fascinationg nature..the undescribable shades of green...all of them are very well presented.