Hark Unto Her History [rev.]

Incautiously moving things about - taking
down a miniature mermaid she breaks; I
keep broken figurines zealously as they
have symbolic value for me: just as life

Breaks us where we're rigid & unbending
so we can increase in strength, choosing
to grow more beautiful OR become bitter
and vindictive - my figurines illustrate this

Allegory in the way I fix them; I glued her
upper part to her fish-tail today & returned
her to the goblin, pink fairy and miniature
mermaid companion - the pink fairy has

Been broken also - I added glitter where
she's been patched and there she shone
brighter perfectly illustrating how we can
increase inner beauty from our wounds

Or choose to grow bitter in disillusionment
when using false expectations - based on
symbolical and interpretative fairytale and
allegory, to make sense of inter-subjective

Experience; my little mermaid turned out a
fragile, ethereal beauty becoming a willing
illustration of courage and strength - - for
everyone ready to hark unto her history

[20 October 2014]

by Margaret Alice Second

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Can you share this with him? great writing