HHJ (21 April 2009 / England)

Harlem Nights

Harlem nights are always busy
ebony bodies in profusion.
There is a lot going on there
street corners thrive
with deals going on.
Music spills out everywhere
from dingy bars.
Fights are not uncommon
bloodstains are evidence to that.
There are no go areas
as gangs see to that.

Harlem nights are dangerous nights
struck with ribbons of red.
No peace there.
Hookers thrive for attention
if you drive by.
Children cry desperate tears
as mothers strain to stay alive.
Harlem nights don’t rest easy
and shout don’t come here,
but I venture there for kicks
and to get my life in gear.

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Comments (2)

I liked this Howie, you have captured the atmosphere so well, a ten from me, Lynda xx
Not really the best of places to hang.