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Harmless Gossip
IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

Harmless Gossip

An avenue of stately trees
whose branches meet high overhead
exchanging gossip with the breeze.
This is the way that rumours spread.

When lovers stroll beneath the moon.
The trees observe their every move.
They dance to day to the same tune
their forbears danced to when in love.

Though fashions change, some things do not.
The trees have seen it all before.
All that they’ve seen is not forgot
but added the their growing store

of gossip which the trees then share
with every passing breeze that blows.
The trees will spread it everywhere
to all and sundry I suppose.

Be very careful what you do.
Although no one can see.
Know that the trees are watching you
and they will share quite happily.

Everything that they have seen
with any breeze that happens by.
With consequences unforeseen
By trees and breeze or you and I.

When strolling in a moon lit glade
Beware the moons soft silver rays.
That stir the blood of man and maid
to think this is the time and place.

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wow what a gossipers........breeze and trees they are also a great witness to history.............10++++++