Harmless Kiss?

It started out as a harmless peck
now your moving from my mouth to neck
the heat is getting so intense
and my love for you is so immense
I dont know if i can control this
it started out as just a kiss
now were moving oh so fast
we need to slow down so it will last
there we lay, you holding me
your sweet embrase sets me free
just touching you is enough
your so soft but still so tough
I get tingles straight down to the bone
now i know im in the zone
it turns me on when all i can hear
is what your whispering in my ear
The sensations that i am feeling
i cant tell you, their too reveiling
your fingers are running through my hair
oh i love it when you touch me there
my firy heart, you have just lit
I wanted to say i love you
but you beat me to it

by Chase Goody

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Comments (2)

Where love lays, nothing is harmless. I enjoyed reading this poem by you. Peace, L&T
Nice way to end... keep writing! Brian