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Harmonic Accord
IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

Harmonic Accord

When ebony and ivory
combine in keyboards they provide
cacophony or harmony.
Its up to you must decide.

You find one colour limits you
in what you can and cannot play
You wisely choose to use the two.
Because there is no other way.

To create music old and new
Both black and white each play their part
Why is it that we choose to
see others races as apart.

Because they’re not the same as us
We miss the similarities
which makes me rather curious
What is it causes us unease.

Intolerance and bigotry
or merely simple ignorance.
It seems we see selectively
quite unprepared to take the chance.

That they might be like you and me.
Despite the colour of their skin.
If we look closely we can see
They’re not so different from our kin.

Both ebony and ivory
It seems so obvious to me
need to contribute equally
for any kind of harmony.


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