She was lying on her bed,
Listening to her favourite piece of music,
“Summertime” by Jim Hall and Pat Metheny.
Her cat was asleep beside her, purring like a little engine.
She lit a cigarette and tried to relax.
So many thoughts overwhelmed her that she could not manage to sort them out.
She sighed and looked at her small furry companion
Who was certainly dreaming about mice or flies.
Her daughter’s photograph was fixed on the wall in front of her.
She admired her beautiful auburn hair, her lovely eyes and her charming smile.
Jazz music,
Her pet,
Her wonderful child…
She felt that her arms, legs and her whole body were slowly losing their tension.
Her cat woke up and she felt his warmth when he came and lied against her head,
The music soothed her,
The girl on the photograph looked at her lovingly.


by Nicole Heintz

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