Harmony Ii (The Fourth True Love)

Yes, it shall be remembered,
Long after we are gone;
How much I loved her truly,
Till we were called upon.

Called upon to leave this world
Of doomed love now and then.
Bound for certain destinies,
Perhaps, to meet again.

If it's true, then in your time,
While you are here below;
The truth of love eternal,
Both she and I will know.

So here's a clue to guide you,
To love beyond your days.
The truth is, love eternal;
Is formed in many ways.

The first, is just by friendship.
The second, joys unbound.
The third, is inner beauty;
The one that I had found.

There is a fourth to cherish,
Though it's quite rare you see.
The one that's formed in Heaven.
The one called, Harmony.


Comments (26)

bravo, hun, very endearing and enlightening piece. so enjoyed.
lovely composition. one needs to be in harmony to discover the first three...is what i see fascinating, mamta
I agree with James, really a Hall of Fame poem. So much said in so simple soul searching words. CP
damn man how many poems you got goin into the hall of fame? ? ? good write i think this one is better than the first harmony lol
awesome writing here as well as many others that I've read of yours this happens to be the first one I could comment on lol keep'em comin
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