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Haroun Al Raschid
(27 February 1807 – 24 March 1882 / Portland, Maine)

Haroun Al Raschid

One day, Haroun Al Raschid read
A book wherein the poet said:--

"Where are the kings, and where the rest
Of those who once the world possessed?

"They're gone with all their pomp and show,
They're gone the way that thou shalt go.

"O thou who choosest for thy share
The world, and what the world calls fair,

"Take all that it can give or lend,
But know that death is at the end!"

Haroun Al Raschid bowed his head:
Tears fell upon the page he read.

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An interesting piece.
Parmanand Pandey from New Delhi This poem reminds that the world is nothing but Maya, an illusion. In the long last everybody has to leave this world, only the imprints of his/her good deeds will be left behind. Nobody knows whether the soul is indestructible and everlasting or transitory or mortal. But the fragrance of good deeds continues to inspire the generations. Therefore, instead of thinking about the heaven or hell one must strive to make the life of others beautiful and affectionate.