Harry Potter: Already There, Wherever ‘there’ Is

IT uploaded an updated version of
the same program, this old computer
can’t cope with: When new documents
are opened, it freezes in shock; an
analogy of my own psychology: I fed
new software into my brain, stipulating
being happy all the time; but my
hardware body is clearly not ready,
my head insists on having migraine;
although only health and wealth are
allowed; my credit card fares even
worse in being overdrawn all the time;
if only I could think the right thought,
the theory says, it wouldn’t happen
at all: I suspect mental dysfunction
when my brain cannot meet the wonderful
requirements I keep feeding it: The
universe knows about my dreams; but
instead of correspondents and friends
proliferating, colleagues go on pension
and authors ascend unto heaven – how
else to account for their strange
disappearance; unless they fall into
black holes appearing all over the
bubble universe - my question is:
When is it my turn to disapparate*;
shall I find them already there,
wherever ‘there’ is?

by Margaret Alice

Comments (1)

The migrain and credit cards are indeed clouds in your sky, but are you the clouds or the sky or? ............and if you are allready 'there' all you need do is stop thinking you are somewhere else.....the new computer progam cannot think but the creator of the program........he watches with amusement as it is shoved into unreceptive hard drives, don't you think?