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Harry Potter: Clinging To Dream - He Will Be Redeemed
(The Crystal Age / Pretoria - South Africa)

Harry Potter: Clinging To Dream - He Will Be Redeemed

Reading Harry Potter Book Seven,
a painful experience because of
Rita Skeeter’s malicious messing
with Dumbledore’s legacy; I never
read such Daily Prophet kind of
stories in real life; not believing
defamatory claims easily; rejecting
all devilish tales; people saying
bad things against each other are
indicting themselves; even old Nick
deserves our regard; in the book
I am forced to take note of what
Potter does; I wish he’d do the
same when he hears false accusations
against Dumbledore instead of reeling
in shock and disgust; he should realize
those attacking Hogwarts’ previous
Headmaster never stood up to Lord
Voldemort; all gossip is always suspicious;
everything said should be taken with
several packets of salt; I still have not
given up hope for Professor Snape –
clinging to the dream that he will
be redeemed by proving he was on
the side of right all along; a double
spy for Dumbledore - otherwise I’ll be
very disgusted with the conclusion!

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the series is just as much about snape as it is potter