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Harsh Reality For M 'Lady Fay
IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

Harsh Reality For M 'Lady Fay

Although I truly empathise
with your desire to fantasise.
It is my task to emphasise.

Although you day dream happily
escaping from reality
Your must return eventually.

There is one rule all must obey
although you would much rather stay.
Your fantasies must fade away.

You know that what I say is true.
Although your job is boring you.
It’s something that you have to do.

So save your dreams for when you sleep
and have no deadlines you must keep.
If you do not the price is steep.

You will get fired right away
you’ll have no job and get no pay
But you’ll be free to dream all day.

If you are wise you’ll listen to
the sound advice I’m giving you
and do what you are paid to do.

You cannot live on fantasies
you have to pay for groceries.
That’s one of life’s realities.


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very poetic read.. written by one of my favs for one of my favs
Oh yes Sir - I truly understand the harshness of reality regarding fantasy - and please Sir I will make every effort to cease from indulging forthwith - but hey Ivor - I loved the whole poem - and thank you for the dedication - from M'lady Fay. a more than ten....10+ + + +