NK (07/09/1974 / USA)

To My Daughter-In-Law

Sometimes within a house of men
your feelings stay inside.
They are not comfortable at times
with sharing. So you bide
your time until you're with a friend
who knows each pain and scar,
who doesn't hold it all inside,
who knows just who you are.
And then one day somebody new
seeks to join this clan.
Another woman, and maybe one
who'll trust and care and plan.
Oh wouldn't it be wonderful
if fate with you would send
someone who'd like to share and feel,
someone to be a friend.

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Nothing but shame; with the muse of parenting. Thanks for sharing.
Those actions, those words Are million times more potent Than any venom on this earth It kills his soul Destroys his emotions Makes him dull and senseless... so true if the father is not good the effect of it remains your whole life..... leads to hatred, depression, fear. very nice poem. thank you dear poet. tony