Mirror, Mirror

Mirror, mirror
Looking back at me
Is a face of pure wonder
Her eyes are a dark brown
And full of youth and naivety
Curiosity and independence
Her curls falling down to her shoulders
Mystery in every strand

Mirror, mirror
Reflecting somebody
That I can't even recognize
She pretends and she lies
She runs and she hides
She knows she's greater than that
But she doesn't do anything to change it

Mirror, mirror
Show me who I am
Show the inner self
That's beautiful and blooming
The girl that's not afraid to be herself
Show me my purpose
Show me my life, my mistakes and my regrets
So I can fix them throughout my life

Mirror, mirror
Amaze me with truth
Who are my real friends,
Sticking by my side
Who are my foes,
betraying me with their lies
Amaze me with my future
To keep away any surprise.

Mirror, mirror
One last time,
Tell me why
I seem to feel
So empty inside
Why I'm filled with these questions
And Why I have no answers
Mirror, mirror
On the walls of my heart

by Jessica Robert

Comments (1)

A sweet and comical (I think, unintentional) take on the elderly - of how they admire and yet envy the young. The slow viscosity of the poem adds to its theme and some fine imagery is displayed (...chased peas around their plate...) - K.