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Fear drives the turbines
Of every man
Fear keeps us all in line
Fear of collective defeasance
And corporate malfeasance
Fear forces a stand
And every time a student is run over by a tank
And every time a traitor is forced to walk the plank
All of us, the blacks and whites
Latinos, Asians - every type of ethnic group
Even folks from Nunavut, the whole head-dressed troupe
Homeless drunks, gypsies, actors, voodoo queens
Film stars, commuters in cars, and college deans
Nieces, nephews, uncles, aunts
Friends, foes, hobos and tramps
Gays, lesbians, trannies and queers
And those who prefer mice up their rears
Any which way we lean or we slant
We sinners work our affairs and harvest our plants
But one by one
We turn to the light
Wipe out our wrongs
And make it right

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