Whiteout Torrent

Blistering sheets of sting
Sizzle and pop on skin
With purity you sing
Arias spark vision
To tip that halo ring
Fortitude climbs within

Shivers thump open blood
Repelling lethargy
Adrenaline’s fright thud
Warns death stalls next to me
As my feet slide like mud
Skies push with gravity

In your storm I read codes
Difficult to ignore
Confetti blurs the roads
Man campaigns to restore
Future anguish explodes
At oblivion’s door

Forgotten refugees
Tossed in this epic spin
Propel along a sneeze
To shatter the push pin
Suppressing our disease
Cycles shall be broken

That wonderment of youth
Crunches under staunch feet
Temptation hides bold truth
Bargaining with deceit
Your legacy of proof
Strips away my conceit

Treads and prints stamped ahead
Portend treacherous foes
Timelines easily read
Through these blustery snows
I spy sin’s furtive thread
Your light serves to expose

by John Weber

Comments (17)

Autumn is my favorite season too, although autumn here in this part of the world is quite different from that of the poet's land. We have autumn now- a lovely season. Thanks to Adrian Flett, Petals Azureblue and Glen Kappy for their comments, which helped me understand and appreciate the poem fully. Special thanks to Sylvia Frances Chan for her elaborate comments.
Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful... What a wonderful lovely write
Fantastic Poem on the season we all wait and love, rightly said after the season it is the wait for one long year...............
FIVE: WE as DUTCH POETS want to say: CONGRATULATIONS being chosen as Classic Poem Of The Day! We are proud that your poems have become IMMORTAL. So good to have read your poems, due to the Poemhunter. Poem site here. Gratefully yours, Sylvia FC
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