(March 8,1994 - / )


I'm fine, by myself
Just let me fight my damage
Far too childish to
Want to serve any dishes like it...
Not an angry man
Nor bitter
Not a crazy man, I'd mainly stand at landscapes
Admiring the Lord...
For hours
I don't see the harm in that
I'm not mean and rude
Or seeing through the broken glasses
I'm supposed to
Which would lead to more attacks on my life
Which would be justified, but I don't dare embrace
Such an evil, but still felt hated though
It's not about judging people
And I was framed to go...
Back into the heavens before my time
And my life was taken
I ain't did a thing that would force that kind or
That type of nature
But, nonetheless, what it is, reality accepted
I ain't perfect anyway, but I was frame with master
Methods, slander, weapons to control and silence
While the evil passed the message...
My only hope is in the faith I have in Jesus promise
If evil cometh, I ain't scared, andit should know by now
It's like I'm not a human, evil do just what it wants right now, no right right now
Nor right right now
And neither do I want some friendships...
I don't want no euthanizing, I enjoy the lows
Harvested, like poultry, fruit, or vegetables, or cattle
At the time, how I felt, not that it matters
But I am this book
To have a look may end up scarce
As light in darker times, but hard to find a heart as large
As mine
Just marks and lines, a project to eradicate my- -
And plus I never heard the first...
Which serves it worse
But I live for just that upper room
Just passing through the earth
Subdue the curse
I see behind the bait and fall people...
Seeing all evil, and the call equaling up to my annihilation as a child awake to


by Dexsta Ray

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