JS (december 12,1978 / bandar sakti north sumatra)

Hasda Kasaci (Dark Side)

HASDA KASACI (dark Side)

a love was found by the brim of desperate
a mankind but a ghost was whispering
pulled me like a cattle to the green but thorny grass
promising hugs and kisses

a person but five persons
an Ebony but a Chines
sucking blood but giving breath
like a vampire but an angel

a weakness but strength
with a knight dressed in beggar
took a sword as a stick
smile for an anger
lost for a win in the day but night

a scavenger was almost thrown when he was a gold
he was taken back
offered love and tears
that happened when a spirit became a human
a vampire to be an angel

HASDA KASACI is a spell
it teaches the beast to be wise
changes the false into the true
makes the sad happy

I was safe by it
love was appreciated because of it
it turns the vixen into a ewe


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