Hasting County

1066, that was the year,
When William came with ax and spear.
In Hastings County landed he,
The place they now call Pevensey.
Then on to Senlac field they mustered,
Awaiting Harold, tired and flustered.
October was the month at hand,
The 14th day the battle grand.
They fought all day, those soldiers brave,
But mostly ended in the grave.
William was the victor clear,
With Harold slain, Oh dear ! Oh dear!
A Bayeux Tapestry was sewn,
So the battle could be shown.
William built his Battle Abbey,
Now a little old and shabby.
A castle too on Hastings hill,
Its ruins can be seen there still.
William ruled with Norman cunning,
To keep the Saxons down and running.
Today there is no Hastings County,
East Sussex Council holds the bounty.
Now tourists flock there to be shown,
"1066 Country" as it now is known.

by Clifford H. DeMeza

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