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Poem By Lyndsey Grant

I hate the way you make me cry
Tying knots around me
Forever binding me to this
Feeling of hollowness

I hate the way your screams
Echo inside me constantly blinding me
Deafening my sense of certainty
With your hurt

I hate it when glass shatters
Leaving pieces of my sanity splattered
On white carpets and Formica cabinets
And when the roof has caved in and crashes over my head
Crumbling down to my nail marred feet
I sweep it neatly up
And hide it darkened corners
With all the other forgotten martyrs
Left praying for the worlds sins
In a pool of crimson

I hate how you make me hate myself
Eroding and excavating my goodness
With your foolishness
False pride mixed with alcoholic breath
Triggering my gage reflexes with your familiar
Sour stench

I hate to love you
Every single vessel that allows you to be
Every tiny molecule
Atom and cell
That beats down on my shoulders
Like torrential rains suffocating normal functioning

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