The Elements

Poem By Alice Notley

Like a low heaving throw
Anger explodes into hate
Fights break out amongst love
Highs are hit and so are lows

Hate is said
Not really meant
Then to bed
and hate decides to rent

Intertwined souls cut apart
By the serrated blade known as hate
Feeling like you have no fate
Then they realize that you are their heart

And don't want you to go
But it seems too late
Because of hate
Arriving before departing, with a message saying I love you

Hate soon changes to love
two more soldiers soon join the battle
and help drive away the hordes of hate
That once plagued their mate

Finding the hate in the late
Blood spills with every strike
The Field of war is a bloody one
Especially if its against hate

The horns of Wrath sounds
Out comes the generals of hate

The horns of Desire sounds
Comes out the generals of love

Rallying war cries are heard from the many
Then the chinging of blades against blades
The clanking of armor as soldiers fall
Love is winning, as is hate

Then its dead quiet
Death is surrounding
Except for two,
You and your Soulmate

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Hate - Throw it. A nice poem.
Great poem, like it.

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