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Haiku 05
(9 February 1882 - 26 December 1950 / Dublin)

Haiku 05

Poem By Masaoki Shiki

entangled with
the scattering cherry blossoms—
the wings of birds!

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This haiku relieves from all worries and signifies the freedom from slavery........The wings of bird signifies the pain and agony of caged bird....Awesome Haiku,
_______________________ Cherry blossoms are the most beloved flower of the Japanese people. They bloom for a brief time and are very fragile, symbolizing the transience of life; this symbolism harmonizes well Buddhist teachings. Masses of cherry blossoms are used as metaphors for clouds. Falling cherry blossoms are likened to snow, and are used as a metaphor for a warrior killed in his youth. _______________________
Simply love Shiki's haiku's!
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