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Poem By Trystan Murray

I wish everyone would leave me alone,

My heart, I am afraid has turned to stone,

Hate has stabbed my soul and bleeds,

Dissapointed piercing looks, it feeds,

Not yet defeated, but stumbled to the ground,

Rocks are thrown at me all around.

I hate, I cringe, I do not care.

The world has kissed my life unfair.

I cannot please or appease the masses,

I can only live my life before it passes.

You can hate what I am doing, but don't hate me,

My path may turn so you just need to let me be.

Thanks for the walls, future relationships crucified,

Pretending to be perfect & to yourself you've lied.

Erase me, ignore me, destroy me,

I cannot let your inflicted pain defeat me.

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Comments (2)

wow this is a really good one... i would want to say that to sum people too...
a heart of stone you say that is sad and their is nothing anyone can do its your life and you your self has to do what you need to feel better and broke the stone around your heart. Love Kat, sorrow