TM (1855-1888 / London)

The Place That She Cannot Find

you trust her
she has a gift for the gab
she talks about
those flowers that bloom from June till November
she draws a world in the heavens
she comforts you that you belong
and that you need her

later she demands that you worship her
as a gesture of respect you compromise a bit
prostrate on the floor
bringing her gifts
and praises

you know her
you keep silent
when she begins to destroy your life
you escape

and she will not find you anywhere
you know yourself better
you know a place
where you are true just like the rest who live there

how can she follow you on that path of truth and righteousness?

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wow this is a really good one... i would want to say that to sum people too...
a heart of stone you say that is sad and their is nothing anyone can do its your life and you your self has to do what you need to feel better and broke the stone around your heart. Love Kat, sorrow