a wordly good
bought with life
sown with seed
born to be

by hamid kareem Click to read full poem

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hate is a very harsh, hurtful, powerful and bad thing. i dont think i can think of a time when hating someone or something was a good thing. great job again. lol
I don't get why this is so underrated...this is a brilliant poem, why should we ignore the negative aspects of life? They count as much as the good ones...hatred is paralel to love and I'm glad there are still some people who realize this.You are a special poet. Thank you for your works, Kilian
even if people say hate is a strong word oh well there are just some people we hate in this world.. but never could i hate you
Hate is a negative word So take the world hate out of your mind But remember that Every time you want to use the word hate You should change to I don't like that It gives a positive outlook in your life And you will be able to live a happier life Don't forget that the word hate is contagious Like cancer
Hatred begets hatred and love begets love. So, hate never, Love ever.
We all have to work on this...good and succint.
in such a few words you have defined it beautifully.It is really a part and parcel of life.excellent job.