the letter i'll never write
the words i'll never say
the way you feed
always gets in the way

the way you consume
and walk away
as if
you're someone
than the man you
failed to lead

but i cannot deny
that i wanted to be
deep inside

for all the love we shared
and the tearing
the tearing

for all the laughs
and smiles
for all the times
the corners of our lips nearly reached our eyes

the way your fires warmed me inside

the way my mountains helped you get high
to see over the trees, the hills
and sometimes even the sky

to help you take the next step
to try to keep you from regress

though I couldn't keep you
from transgress

for all these things
I never spent
nearly enough

i never spent nearly

melting you away.

by Songs for Stephanie

Comments (3)

another perception. who is right, it's up to you. thanksmd.
Hate and love, divided only by a fin line in time, well done regards Tom
Observation is interesting!