Hate & Malice

Hate and malice,
a deadly poison,
that messes with your mind.
Till your heart is hardened,
and in there no love you find.

Not even for yourself,
you'll begin to self-destruct
One day worse than the other,
Till its all just too much.
Hating all around you,
never knowing why,
no-one stops to say I love you,
And it makes you cry!

Why would anyone want,
this sadness for themselves
When all one has to do,
is think the opposite!

Fill your heart with LOVE instead,
and feel a peace descend
This ever flowing river,
comes from where there is no end.

To love & to be loved,
How wonderful that feeling,
it spreads like a wild fire,
and sets your life a reeling.

Ask those who know its taste,
They'll tell you 'but of course'
there is no better way
To get rid of hate n remorse! !

by Pauline Raina

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