Wonder Ponder

I often sit and wonder.
What did I do, what did I say?
And will come another day?

Even though I think,
I often sit and wonder.
If I did could there be,
anything between?

And if not
At least I would know,
no longer sit and wonder.

by Mahfooz Ali

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Olivia, these feeling of yours are quite natural. It sounds like you haven't had much support or encouragement in your life. If you think you are fat too, the society we live in won't help you. The catwalk models today are stick insects. I believe it is a twisted joke played by the male gay designers myself. One little trick that works, is keep saying to yourself, I approve of me! Just keep saying it and eventually you will believe it. I didn't check your age, but I would say you are an adolescent. Life will get better, trust me. Feeling selfish about feeling the way you do, is also natural, but not necessary. There are a couple of typos in this piece of your heart, but they don't matter unless you are publishing in print, then a proof reader can sort them out for you, if necessary. 10 from Tai