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Hate My Fate
EOE (Apirl 28 1986 / Otukpo)

Hate My Fate

Tonight is just another
lonely night when one
feel and touch doubts
but i must scramble my
way out, but if darkness
crowd my heart, i want
you to know that i gave
it all.

Lost in my solitude i
felt the presence of death
griping my heart, i know
that i will not see the end
of my road.

I cry cos i can't looking
to your eyes and say goodbye
don't hate me or our fates
but hate my fate..

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Comments (6)

profound...layers of meaning...something that we all can relate to.
Some deep sensation indeed, a very good touch of the pen, The_African-Son
Very deep and melancholy. Keep on writing and creating such wonderful work.
Yeah. Fate is all what life is all about. Its what decides the fruit of our actions. Nice write. Keep writing.
awesome poem, beautiful imagination, and well written too.
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