Hate Myself

I try to hide
But you just keep finding me
I try to run
But you are the one I bump
I try to forget
But you just smile and say

'Trying to run from yourself
Isn't going to get you anywhere'

I hide from myself
I run from myself
I try to forget myself

But when I look in a mirror
You stare at me with a smirk

But all I know is
I have to run
but how can you lose yourself

Just kill yourself

I hate myself

by Tears of sorrow ...

Comments (5)

hahahaahaha, i love the line when u see urself infront of the mirror...Hey this is nice poem! ...i like this one..but dont hate yourself, u are good and i think u need to discover urself more, dont hate yourself, if u hate urself the other have 1000 advantages to hurt u...if u believe and love ur self 1000 cannot make u dropp even a single tear! smile..have a great day, love ur self friend! okay..nice poem though!
Hey! What to say......? For poetic sake also don't Hate yourself. Loving Oneself is the first step to Love Others. One who can not Love Himself can not Love others.
hey i was reading your poems and i think this poen is really good! i am new here and am looking for new friends. again nice poem!
Nice poem, well written. I understand where you're coming from, but suicide is not the answer. Sometimes there's more to life than it seems.
join the club. great write i know how you feel