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Hate (The Autobiography) Inspired By Evil (C) 2-29-08
CT (8/25/93 / Buffalo, New york)

Hate (The Autobiography) Inspired By Evil (C) 2-29-08

Hello my name is Hate and I was born in the beginning
I'm in a competition with Love but I seem to be winning
It's an autobiography so I guess I'll tell about some of my succession
Well, I was the reason the world went through the Great depression
I traveled into the mind of the whites so they'd hate black
You know what I caused them to make em slaves as a matter of fact
I had to fight Love too, so segregation wouldn't stop
Even though I lost I made sure the whites are still on top
I dug into the mind of Cain provoking him to kill Abel
I even stopped Freedom from keeping America stable
I twisted the mind of Hitler to make blond seem great
I am the source of most pain, my name is Hate
I built Attila the Hun to be a dominant leader
I sent out deception to make his followers believers
I traveled into Pharaoh's heart so that he opposed Moses
But God stepped in but in foiling God's plans I'm still the closest
Me and Osama had a chat about how he'd bomb the towers
For a deal I kept him hiding so now he's still in power
I showed Judas Iscariot his prominence after killing The messiah
I even taught people to mimic Jesus Isiah Solomon and Jeremiah
I brought Columbus to America so it seems he made it
I asked Lie to help me so for the truth he could shade it
I gave the African American community Disease, Guns, and Drugs
So they could be looked at lower than some ripped and ragged Rugs
I am backed up by my leader Evil so now I'm great
I am the darkness in your lives I am the Malicious Hate

Copyright 2-29-08 ©® Corey Threet

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I just have to say that this to me is outstanding.I love how you compared the two good and evil.It discloses the traits of evil very well, Evil is about to come to its end. This is a job well done.
yea... this is preety cool...i didnt expect to enjoy reading it lol! ! ! ..... but its nicely written... and has a nice beat(rythm)
wow! ! dude.......this is great....loved it!