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Hate You
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Hate You

Sometimes I think
you think that I’m kidding
when I say that I hate you

I can’t stand you

You’ve got me listening to love songs

I can’t stand soft music
a heart in the way
When I’m trying to live my life
And trust me I have a whole lot to deal with

I don’t have time
To write poems
To condescending
And self possessed people

I don’t like waiting at traffic lights
Lips parted
And so hungry, always hungry

For your kiss

I don’t like you

A person like you could make me renounce
Nina Simone

Just to quiet my heart

Not that I have one

And to make matters worse
My hands tingle in absence of your touch

And that’s bad
I’ve got to work

Sometimes when you try to make me jealous
telling me stories of how you buy candy for...
I’m sooooo... close to tears


This is my revenge

I hope this poem makes you as uncomfortable
As you make me feel

Cause not even in dreams can I take refuge anymore

Thanks for haunting me
though amusing...

I hate you

You’ve got me listening to love songs

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Comments (1)

Strong, strong words. Love it, love the poem.