Hateful Heart

I'm so
...so hateful
...so stressed
To a point of which I'm going to snap, in half, in quarters, into a million tiny pieces so no one can find me.....

How can you be possible?
How can what you say is true?
I want to hate you
I want to hurt you....
The way you have me
I want to scream names at you forever, for eternity
I want to make sure you know how I feel
...feel it.
I dont care...
I dont want to care...
I can't control the anger beating through my veins
...the chemicals coursing through my body like blood

I want to break everything
Scream at everything
Burn everything to make the anger subside
To make the hate go away
But you will still be there
I want to kill anything
Destroy anything
Drown anything
Until I can't see the pain
Until the trembling stops
But you will still be here.

See what you do to me?
You have no choice...
I'm overloaded...
I'm going to explode...
Why do you have to do this...
Why do you wish to make me miserable?



You only care about blood.

by Nicole Jaimie Carothers

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